Things I’ve learnt this week

1) Repeated and persistent use of the phrase ‘Team GB’ does nothing to render it any less wanky.

2) Never underestimate the incompetence of workmen: the flat upstairs from mine have been having some work done to their flooring – replacement or removal of laminate flooring or something. In order to do this, various items of furniture had to be removed. The problem was that the sofa was too big to go down the stairs, so the blokes carrying out the work decided to try to lower it out through the window. One slippage of the rope and loud crash later, I have a gaping hole in my bedroom window and shards of glass all over my bed. Nice work fellas…

3) Working in film/TV must actually be rather dull: they were filming some scenes of long-running police serial The Bill in our street this week. Even for such a regularly screened show, the pace of production seemed glacier-slow, involving a huge crew of people doing a lot of sitting/standing around, regular tea-breaks in order to film what looked to be no more than a couple of short scenes.


~ by Steve on August 24, 2008.

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